Production in Switzerland / Swiss made

«Woertz produces with high-quality equipment in Switzerland»

The versatile mechanical equipment and possibilities at Woertz AG are unique. The Woertz company produces at two locations in the canton of Basellandschaft.

«Woertz flat cable production»

All flat cables and fire safety cables from our range are produced at our location in Muttenz. The system comprises eight autonomously controlled unwinders for feeding the various single wires. The heated extruder covers the wires with thermoplastic materials at a pressure of up to 300 bar. Immediately after extrusion, the cable is cooled and printed with the prescribed data. After winding, each cable spool is subjected to a resistance and high voltage test. Finally, the entire production is measured optically and the data is saved.

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«Punching shop in Muttenz»

The punching machine’s machinery includes ten presses. These work with different punching forces from 160 kN to 1000 kN – this corresponds to around 16 to 100 tons of pressure. All stamped parts such as connecting webs, contact blades, fasteners, quick-layers, etc. are manufactured in Muttenz.

«Thermoplastic molding on the ground floor»

Plastic parts made of polyamide 6.6, polyamide 6.6 glass fiber reinforced, polycarbonate and polystyrene are manufactured in the thermoplastic injection molding shop. The machine park includes eight thermoplastic injection molding machines with clamping forces from 500 kN to 2200 kN – this corresponds to a pressure of 50 to 220 tons.

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«Fully automated assembly of terminals»

The machine park for fully automatic assembly includes five assembly robots. The finished parts are checked during assembly and then packed fully automatically.

«Sheet metal processing par excellence»

Production on the latest laser punching machines is fully automated, from the removal of the sheets from the pallet warehouse to palletization and waste storage. It is not entirely without manual work on the CNC controlled folding machines and the welding systems. The internal powder coating system with 200 different colors allows the products to be coated according to customer requirements. Pre-assembled hospital or parapet ducts are manufactured on customer request at specially equipped assembly stations.

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«Indexing table machines and rotary transfer machines»

Semi-finished parts for our own production and for third parties are manufactured in the fully automatic machining of profile coils or profile bars. The corresponding machine park comprises 11 machines with a capacity of 5 to 110 parts per minute, depending on the machine, material and design. The metal parts are deburred and ground in the vibratory finishing machine.


Environmental protection is a top priority in all areas of the company. Here is the environmentally friendly car wash. Water with an alkaline additive serves as a washing substance. The dirty water is reprocessed in our own plant. Woertz AG has been actively pursuing environmental policy and environmental protection for many years. Many projects in this area have been implemented – more are being planned.

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Quality is our maxim. Regular product analyzes, material properties, system tests, incoming goods inspections, etc. are carried out and evaluated in the laboratory using the latest measuring and testing equipment. Our work is aimed at the constant improvement and further development of our quality management system, our products and our processes.