Electrical installation with flat cable

The flat cable system enables connections to be made without interrupting the cable.

This allows a tremendously fast electrical installation and ensures an optimal current flow without contact points on the power-supplying line.

Quick and simple 

Installed up to 90% faster. 


Modular flexible construction. 


Prevents incorrect assembly. 

Can be prefabricated 

Just plug it together. 

flachkabelsysteme woertz

Conserving resources 

Up to 80% less cable. 

energy efficient 

Reduced voltage loss. 

Highest security 

Highest possible classification. 

System guarantee 

Tested and matched. 

Areas of application with Woertz flat cable system

Charging infrastructure for e‑mobility
Office and commerce DALI illuminations
Building automation
Access, escape tunnel lighting
Fire safety

The special feature of the Woertz flat cable system

  • Cable laid in one piece
  • The cable is not interrupted
  • Junction boxes decentralized at the consumer
  • Preassembled system
  • System expansion possible at any time
  • Minimum of contact points
  • Highest energy efficiency

Woertz – the inventor of the flat cable.

Flat cable system patented since 1972

Woertz is the inventor of the flat cable and already patented the system in 1972. The revolutionary installation system has now been patented worldwide.

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1st generation pointed screw technology patented by Woertz

  • quick connections (assembly)
  • continuous connection
  • Pointed screw
  • Junction box with pole conductor selection
  • Longitudinal connection
  • Integrated locking
  • Hinged lid
  • Twist-proof due to cable geometry
  • Assembly errors not possible
  • Time required 2 to 3 minutes

2nd generation knife technology patented by Woertz

  • Special: all parts are backwards compatible
  • Junction box with pole conductor selection
  • Longitudinal connection
  • Integrated locking
  • Hinged lid
  • Twist-proof due to cable geometry
  • Assembly errors not possible
  • Time expenditure under 1 minute
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Flat cable compared to round cable

  • High assembly effort with round cable installation
  • Cut round cable from box to box
  • Lead the cable through the socket
  • Strip the jacket
  • Strip the wires
  • Crimp end sleeves
  • Clamp the wires in the clamp
  • Close the can
  • Installation only by a specialist
  • Time 10 to 15 minutesv
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IP68 cabling systems

  • High IP protection class
  • low installation effort
  • Easy handling and easy expandability
  • IP68 protected at every location

Where are these Woertz-cables used?

  • The high IP68 degree of protection thus allows the use in tunnel construction, where many connections must be made on long installation routes.
  • The system offers great flexibility and robustness in all phases of construction and use. These are ideal characteristics for use in civil engineering.
  • IP66/68 not only allows use in humid environments, but the boxes are dust-tight, making them a convenient installation method in workshops, carpentry shops, or industrial plants.
  • No complex sealing measures are required for the flat cable boxes. The cable is not interrupted, and thus no sources of error are installed.

Woertz flat-cables certified to the highest standard according to B2ca s1 d0.

The Construction Products Regulation specifies which classes have to be used in everyday construction work. Woertz flat cable systems are halogen-free, have flame-retardant and low-smoke properties – according to IEC and EN. With the highest construction product classification B2ca s1 d0 a1, our flat cables are far above the standard requirements of cables without critical behavior. With our solutions we guarantee you a safe installation in buildings – even in the worst case.