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The right system for every situation. Custom designs are also available.

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Cable routing systems

Our solutions offer optimal cable routing in the floor, wall or ceiling. They are easily accessible, easy to expand and retrofit. Enjoy fast, discreet and safe cable routing with separate routing for high and low voltage current. Whether floor trunking, raised floor, underfloor trunking or parapet systems, we have the right solution for your requirements.

Our cable routing systems provide clean, robust and long-lasting versatile cable routing under and on the floor, wall or ceiling. They are easily accessible, simple to retrofit and to expand. Cable laying is quick, discreet and safe. High and low voltage currents are properly separated in the duct.


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Cable routing systems under the floor

Cable routing systems under the floor are used wherever access to power or data is required and there is no wall connection nearby.

Choosing the right cable routing system results from a mix of structural, functional and aesthetic requirements and must also take into account changing needs in the future.

Floor trunking systems

Floor trunking is a flexible, easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing system.

It is very easy to assemble, extremely robust and durable. It can be combined with all kinds of materials and is also available in customised versions. Installation kits can be installed directly in the trunking, the cover of which can be easily opened with a cable outlet. The trunking can be laid in a straight line or with changes of direction using angle, cross or T joints. Levelling feet compensate for unevenness in the floor and sound insulation elements minimise impact noise.

Raised floor systems

Raised floor systems are the most flexible of all cable routing systems, requiring comparatively little installation effort, and are ideal for large volumes of cables. Workstations and connections can be moved very easily.

In this easily accessible system, floor panels are mounted on supports. The corresponding DAK junction box is mounted in prefabricated openings in the floor slab. Frames and covers are available with various outlet openings in different sizes, designs and materials. If a workstation is moved, the floor panels can simply be replaced with cable outlet panels at the new location and vice versa.

Underfloor trunking systems

Underfloor systems are ideal for clean and easy coverage of large areas.

This system consists of trunking sections, BAK junction boxes as well as pull boxes and is completed with fixing brackets and elbows. The corresponding BAK junction boxes are laid on bare concrete floors in the desired, often workplace-specific grid system. If the needs of the users change, the installation kits can be easily exchanged or expanded. Even retrofitting or expansion with additional cables can be done effortlessly, quietly and dirt-free thanks to the pull boxes.

Dado systems

Woertz dado trunking systems are robust and versatile cable routing systems that are easy and straightforward to install and guarantee the full range of modern connection technologies in the long term.

Sockets and connections for data technology are freely configurable and can be placed anywhere in the trunking and can also be retrofitted without any problems.

The trunking is available in whatever shape and colour you want. Different materials such as sheet steel, aluminium, wood or plastics can be combined. In addition to standard sizes, customised designs are also available with quick production turnaround.

Dado trunking

Aesthetically pleasing and robust cable trunking with sockets and data connections that can be mounted at the front, bottom or inside as desired. Suitable for frequent socket use. Sockets can be easily installed, moved, added or removed.

Hospital trunking / media trunking

Hospital trunking, also known as medical supply units or media trunking, is a dado trunking that ensures the reliable supply of energy, data and gases at the bedside in accordance with the latest standards for medical devices. Thanks to their modular design, they can be used in many areas of patient care and are also often used in laboratories as a media connection.

Hinged cover trunking

Practical, elegant dado trunking for cable routing and reliable supply of appliances with power and data with hinged cover for convenient unplugging and plugging in.

Combination trunking

Combination trunking is a compact dado trunking with angular, sloping or rounded edges. It is a combination of dado trunking and hinged cover trunking in which the cover is opened upwards using little space.

Baseboard trunking

Trunking installed on the floor and adjacent to the wall for cable routing and reliable supply of power and data to users. Sockets can be installed on the outside or are accessible in the trunking via the plug cover or conveniently via the cleaning outlet.

Column trunking

Connection columns for floor or ceiling installations to reliably supply users with power and data without tripping hazards.

Riser trunking

Robust cable trunking for vertical cable routing on the wall or in the middle of the room.

Connection systems

Installation-friendly, discreet and functional connection technologies in and on walls, floors and columns for the secure and long-lasting flexible supply of power and data.

BAK – Floor junction box

Versatile junction box in various widths and heights with individual socket and data connection equipment. Compatible with underfloor systems and common conduits. Frame and cover available in different materials and with impact sound insulation.

WAK – Home junction box

Home junction boxes are smaller than BAK floor junction boxes. These boxes are connected via standard conduits. With its compact size and simple installation, not only can commercial buildings be easily equipped, but it can also make your home living room more comfortable. Different sizes and cover materials provide accents or integrate perfectly into the room.

WAD – Wall junction boxes

For discreet supply of power and data in the wall, raised floor or hollow ceiling. The boxes are connected with common conduits. Available in different sizes made of galvanised sheet steel for individual connection equipment.

Connection attachments and connection columns

Design-emphasised connection attachments for easy-to-install room connections with individual equipment for data and power. Easy to refill, highly stable and available in several heights in models for indoor and outdoor use with and without protective covers. Freestanding or recessed in the wall.

Woertz cable routing and connection systems

The right system for every situation. Custom designs are also available.