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Electrical installations of the future

For electrical installations, our pre-terminated flat cable systems offer efficiency, convenience and safety, with tested connections that virtually eliminate faults. Ideal for large projects and e‑mobility installations.

Pre-assembly is the future of electrical installations

Pre-assembly is the future of electrical installations

The advantages

  • Efficient
    Installation is reduced to an absolute minimum.
  • Convenient
    Simply plug in on-site.
  • Pre-tested
    We test contact points multiple times.
  • Safe
    Failures are practically impossible.
Dr. Tamas Onodi
Dr. Tamas OnodiCEO Woertz AG
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“In the electrical installations of the future, all connections will be delivered to the construction site pre-assembled as much as possible – so they only need to be plugged into the system on-site. The connections will be checked at the factory, and mistakes in construction will be impossible. This will reduce specialist knowledge of electrical technology on-site to a minimum – nothing more than mechanical attachment.” 
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Efficiency and safety

Woertz delivers complete flat-wire strands with pre-assembled, labelled and checked feed and junction boxes to construction sites; these then only need to be mounted and plugged in on-site. Major mental work on-site is no longer required, and the possibility of failure is significantly reduced.

Particularly for large projects with repeating rooms and lots of storeys, electrical installation is massively sped up and costs significantly reduced.

Simple planning – classic or digital with BIM

The wire-assembly list for pre-assembly can be exported directly from BIM software with the Woertz BIM data from the online catalogue or entered into a table.

Pre-assembly with flat wires vs. pluggable electrical installation

Pre-assembled flat wires are more energy-efficient, safer, quicker and more cost-effective than pluggable electrical installation.

With pluggable electrical installation, the live main line is interrupted and power is conducted via multiple contact points in a plug connection (wire plug, socket, socket wire). This results in a significant loss of voltage and power. Contact points are always weak points. Serial contact points in particular can result in a large-scale outage. Plus, connecting wires are often only available in standard lengths, leading to unnecessarily long wires.

With flat wires, the live main line is not interrupted. The ideal power supply is always guaranteed. Failures at one contact point only affect that contact point, and not the entire system. Junctions can be anywhere on the wire. There is no unnecessary length. Additional junctions can be added at any time. Pre-assembled flat wires are also quicker to install and easier to plan than pluggable electrical installations with lots of wires and plugs. 


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Practical example of pre-assembly

Pre-assembled flat cable installation

Pre-assembled flat-wire strands for DALI, KNX or Power are delivered to the construction site on time, already pre-tested and labelled. 

They only need to be attached and plugged into their consumers.

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Pre-assembled junction boxes with a pre-mounted output wire to charging stations save up to 300% of installation time. Junction boxes can also be pre-assembled on the flat wire. The wire only needs to be fixed to the wall with the clamps, and the pre-stripped output wire connected with the charging stations.

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