Char­ging Park Mat­ter­horn Ter­mi­nal Täsch

Pro­ba­b­ly the lar­gest Char­ging park in Switzerland!

Pro­ject Description:

How a public par­king gara­ge sets new standards

With 2,100 par­king spaces, the Mat­ter­horn Ter­mi­nal Täsch is the lar­gest alpi­ne trans­fer ter­mi­nal in Switz­er­land. From the­re, you can take the train to Zer­matt, which is car-free. The ter­mi­nal goes bey­ond a simp­le trans­fer plat­form and, in addi­ti­on to ski pas­ses, hotel infor­ma­ti­on systems and a cafe­te­ria, now also offers 131 e‑car char­ging sta­ti­ons in the first stage. The Mat­ter­horn Ter­mi­nal Täsch thus offers a new ser­vice that will be incre­a­sing­ly in demand in the future.

Pro­ject goal

A char­ging infras­truc­tu­re that takes into account the deve­lo­p­ment of demand and can be easi­ly expan­ded in stages. From curr­ent­ly 131 sta­ti­ons to 500 sta­ti­ons or even a full expan­si­on of up to 2000 sta­ti­ons. The char­ging sta­ti­ons must be intui­ti­ve to use and must have a simp­le bil­ling system that can also be used by for­eign gue­sts. To ensu­re ope­ra­tio­nal relia­bi­li­ty at all times, intel­li­gent ener­gy manage­ment is neces­sa­ry. This should ensu­re that, on the one hand, the­re is always enough ener­gy for the pri­ma­ry systems and, on the other hand, that the available ener­gy for the char­ging infras­truc­tu­re is dis­tri­bu­ted intel­li­gent­ly to the vehic­les. In addi­ti­on, the load manage­ment system should be able to con­trol dif­fe­rent load pro­files. This is to ensu­re that in the event of emer­gen­cy power ope­ra­ti­on or a total fail­ure, the sta­ti­ons behave accor­din­gly accor­ding to the specifications.

In addi­ti­on to the requi­re­ments for the sta­ti­ons, the bil­ling and the load manage­ment, a sup­port pro­cess with ins­truc­tions should also be set up in the event of a fault and inter­nal employees should be trai­ned accor­din­gly. The employees should also be able to read out sta­tis­tics at any time from their work­place via the Mobil­echar­ge dash­board and start/stop or restart char­ging remo­te­ly. In addi­ti­on, alarms must be pos­si­ble so that the trai­ned per­son­nel can pro­vi­de 1st aid or call for sup­port via ticket.

The char­ging station

Each of the 131 char­ging points, whe­ther on the wall or on a cei­ling column, is the AMTRON Pro­fes­sio­nal R 22 C2 S. With this all-roun­der, one rea­li­zes the smal­lest pro­jects up to a pro­ject like the ter­mi­nal in Täsch. The inte­gra­ted cable hol­der invi­tes ever­yo­ne to sim­ply wrap the cable over the sta­ti­on, hel­ping to keep things tidy and avo­id defec­ti­ve plugs due to rol­ling over. The 7.5 m long cable is suf­fi­ci­ent for any elec­tric vehic­le, no mat­ter whe­re the con­nec­tion is and how you dri­ve into the par­king lot. Aut­ho­rizati­on results from an RFID chip or, as in the ter­mi­nal, a QR code.

Pro­ject management

Pro­duct systems used:

woertz-flat cable system-power-5g16-mm²

Flat cable system Power 5G16 mm² (IP65)

Robust, wea­ther­pro­of and powerful – a fle­xi­ble power sup­p­ly solu­ti­on for e‑mobility.