Luzzone Dam

Flat cable with LED lighting over 5000 meters long

Project Description:

5000 meters of flat cable 3x4 mm² and over 1200 LED luminaires were installed in the Luzzone hydroelectric complex. This system ensures the reliable provision of light in environments with high humidity and over long distances. 

The Luzzone power plant is located in the Verzasca Valley, about 30 kilometers northwest of Bellinzona in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland. The heart of the power plant is the Luzzone Dam, which forms Lago di Luzzone. The dam has a height of 225 meters and is one of the highest dams in Europe. The Luzzone Power Plant uses the hydroelectric power of the dam to generate electricity. It has three underground machine shops equipped with turbines and generators. The total capacity of the power plant is 380 megawatts. A special feature of the Luzzone power plant is that it also functions as a pumping station. During periods of low electricity demand, water is pumped into the Luzzone reservoir from a lower reservoir. When needed, the water can then be released to generate additional electricity. This process enables flexible and efficient use of hydropower.

Product systems used:

Flat cable system IP 3G2.5 mm² and 3G4 mm² (IP66/68)

This system is characterized by its high IP protection level and exceptional flexibility in terms of changeability and expandability.